SALT& offers products & services under these 3 pillars:

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Do you want Rocking content and Engaging designs?
As graphic designers, we help customers create the right brand identity and designs.

SALT& Adobe cursussen

Do you want to get started with graphic design yourself? Learn all the principles of your favorite Adobe Creative Cloud program in one day.
We provide training to both companies, individuals and online.

I would like to make a contribution to a greener future. How can I help?


Learn the basics of your favorite programme at home

  • Take the Photoshop course at home at your own pace.

  • By clear video footage, examples and a reader that contains all the basic steps described, you will learn how to best use photoshop.

  • During the final assignment we put everything into practice.

  • After the course you have mastered all the basic skills to edit pictures. Are you ready?

Adobe InDesign video training

  • Do you want to design flyers, brochures or posters yourself?

  • With the basics of InDesign you will know exactly how to do this.

  • Create your own professional creations based on this online course.

  • Complete self-follow, including assignments to apply all learning immediately.

  • After completing this course, you will know exactly how to use InDesign to make beautiful designs. Get started with this training right at home!


Adobe Illustrator video training

  • Get to know Illustrator, design your own logo and infographics.

  • In this video course you will learn the basic skills of this program at your own pace.

  • Instantly convert your own creativity into one visible design during the final assignment.

  • After completing the course, you will be able to understand all the basics of Adobe Illustrator and independantly create professional graphic designs.

  • Want to get started right away?

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about SALT&

Sustainable living and business

SALT& Sustainable life and business. Do you want to be more aware of our planet? Make your business visible or get started with Adobe? Get inspired!

SALT& offers products & services under these 3 pillars:

SALT& DesignLet us help you with Rocking content and Engaging Design.

SALT& Adobe Courses – Follow a Adobe course so you can get start creating designs on your own.

SALT& PlanetFirstApproach – Our business/life philosophy goes far.

Wondering how far and if you can help? Check it out!


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