one person recipes

5 easy recipes to cook for one person

As a digital nomad you regularly travel the world on your own. Of course you meet amazing new people, but there are times when you just want or need to eat. When you are traveling alone it is sometimes difficult to think of what to cook. Here are five recipes that you will have on the table in no time just for you alone, without ending up with a can of soup or ready-made meal.

1. Pasta with spinach

Pasta with spinach, a delicious and easy recipe which you can make as extensive as you want. The main ingredients have already been mentioned. Opt for a bit of interesting pasta with bite, such as slightly larger pasta shells. You can also add some herb cheese to make it nice and creamy. You can add vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes or sweet peppers, according to your wishes. Place the pasta on a bed of rocket salad to make it more of a salad. With this paste you can go in all directions. And you can use the leftover pasta for another recipe the next day!

2. Oven dish with sweet potato and broccoli

I don’t think there is an easier recipe than this. You preheat the oven to 200 degrees and cut the sweet potato and broccoli into pieces. Drizzle the vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper. Choose a piece of vegetarian meat that you can put in the oven, such as vegetarian balls. The vegetables should be placed in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. Vegetarian meat needs less time, so add it later. After 20 minutes you have a delicious, easy and nutritious dish on the table. Add a little mayonnaise or ketchup and you’re all set for dinner. You may have some things left for the day after as lunch.

3. Noodles with salmon

This recipe is for all fish lovers. Prepare the noodles as described on the package. We will start with the vegetables. Cut the 5 green asparagus and half a red pepper into pieces. Fry these vegetables in a frying pan and add 1 sliced shallot in the meantime. Grate a small piece of ginger and a garlic clove over the pan for extra flavor. Then cut the salmon into pieces and add it together with a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of sesame oil and 100 ml of water. Fry this whole for two minutes while stirring on high heat. Then mix the noodles with the vegetables and the salmon and sprinkle the whole with some sesame seeds. You only need half a red pepper for this dish, the rest of the red pepper can be used nicely one of the other one person dishes.

ingredients for onepersons dish

4. Vegetable omelette

You can eat an omelette during lunch as well as as dinner. We are going to make a rich omelet with vegetables, so start by cutting the bell pepper, mushrooms and spring onions. Then chop the parsley when you have it fresh. You can also opt for a spice jar with dried parsley. Melt a little butter in a frying pan and add the vegetables along with some salt and pepper. Fry this for a few minutes on high heat and add a few good hands of spinach. When the spinach has shrunk, pour the beaten (3) eggs over it. You make these in a separate bowl by mixing the eggs with a dash of (vegetable) milk and some pepper and salt. Optional you can sprinkle some grated cheese over part of the eggs, so that it melts nicely. When the egg are ready, put it on a plate along with one or two whole grain slices of bread.

5. Gnocchi with grilled bell pepper and chicory

When you talk about an easy and tasty dish, gnocchi will soon come up. We will make it a bit different this time. You are not going to boil the gnocchi, but fry it in a layer of oil. First preheat a little oil in the pan and then add the gnocchi. Then turn the heat to low and toss this occasionally, until the gnocchi has become a little crispy. Meanwhile, put the grilled red pepper in the blender to make a sauce. Take the chicory apart, so that you can place the shell-shaped leaves in a nice circle on the plate. Then you chop some fresh basil and squeeze a handful of walnuts into small pieces. Spread the roasted pepper sauce, gnocchi, basil and walnuts over the bed of chicory. Top it off with a little salt and pepper and enjoy your delicious meal!

Another tip if you have to cook for one person. See if you can get your products from a local farmer. Here you can often buy a few pieces instead of a whole bag. Don’t forget to look at what you still have in the pantry. You can often put a very tasty different dish on the table with a few small applications.