sustainable living and business

SALT& Sustainable life and business. Do you want to be more aware of our planet? Make your business visible or get started with Adobe? Get inspired!

SALT& offers products & services under these 3 pillars:

SALT& DesignLet us help you with Rocking content, Engaging Design or a Graphic Training so you can get start creating on your own.

SALT& Food – Food is fun! We are happy to convey this enthusiasm.
We teach you how to cook sustainably & locally.

SALT& PlanetFirstApproach – Our business/life philosophy goes far.

Wondering how far and if you can help? Check it out!

SALT& Annebel

"Spice up your Life" Food" Business"

"Spice up your Life" Food" Business"


SALT& strives for sustainable business and life. We can and do not want this alone. Together, small steps can have big results. Meet our friends of the business: