print on biodegradable paper

Advantages of biodegradable paper

What are the advantages of biodegradable paper and why would you choose this? I can imagine that you think that is probably much more expensive and paper is just paper. It is increasingly important that we all learn about the impact we make on the environment and the world around us in order to contribute to this.

What is biodegradable paper?

Biodegradable paper means that the paper is broken down naturally. This is done by fungi and bacteria that convert it into water, CO2 and methane.

Example of Biodegradable paper in combination with bee flower seeds. The paper can you completely put into the ground and in return you will get flowers for the bees & insects around us!

Advantages of biodegradable paper

1. Good for the environment

Of course, the choice of paper is always a good one, because it does not contribute to the plastic soup in the sea and on the coast. The choice between “normal” paper and biodegradable paper may be more difficult to make. Let me help you. When you choose biodegradable paper, you can be sure that the paper can be fully absorbed by nature. So you can say that this type of paper can be put in the organic waste container. However, it says nothing about the rate at which it degrades naturally. In the Netherlands, the paper in the paper container is recycled, making this a better option. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the fact that a lot of paper ends up on the street and in nature. If this paper were all biodegradable, this would be less of a problem.

2. Clear message to the customer

Besides that you contribute to a better world, it is also very good for your marketing. Sounds a bit selfish, of course, but it definitely isn’t. It is precisely this combination that makes many companies opt for biodegradable paper. You show your customers that you consciously run your business and not only think about your own success. It is a small effort to print all printed communications on biodegradable paper. This gives you the opportunity to communicate your green choices to your customer, which is guaranteed to generate sympathy. In addition, biodegradable paper does not have to be more expensive than regular paper and it has the same quality. So that’s no longer an excuse;)

3. Awareness

When more and more people choose biodegradable products, people also become more aware of the possibilities that are available and the impact you make with them. In addition, it is also good for the staff if you, as a business owner, decide to choose biodegradable paper and want to contribute in this way. This also makes the person more aware of the amount of paper and, in general, the amount of waste that is being produced.

When we are all a little more aware of this and contribute in our way, it can make a big difference to the world around us. Do you want to have your communication printed on biodegradable paper? Let me know! All SALT& printed communications are on biodegradable paper and ink.