WHY SALT& Design?

“A pinch of salt adds loads of flavour!”

Hey you!
Are you a small or medium-sized entrepreneur?

Do you know what designs your company can strengthen? Want to bring out a clearer picture?
Let me help you!

SALT& is:

➡️ Quality – easy, but brilliant
➡️ experienced – many years active in various sectors
➡️ Divers – think globally, act locally
➡️ Flexible – we always find a way to work together
➡️ Sustainable – All printing is done on biodegradable ink and paper

Let’s go start immediately! Get in touch and the coffee is on me☕

"Spice up your Life" Food" Business"

"Spice up your Life" Food" Business"

specialist in passende huisstijl
annebel van kints


Head designer

For over five years I have been creating visual content for my customers. My career started in the magazine industry. After 2 years I decided to travel and put my visual design ideas into practice, this was the beginning of SALT&.
I have experience working for companies that are active in the field of sustainability, food/drinks, fashion, interior, retail, professional services and local entrepreneurs!
Your ideas are unique, but are you able to express them in designs?
There are endless opportunities to improve the professional expressions of your company.

Curious what I can help you with? Send a message!


Check out

Our portfolio

People I work with know me for my practical and effective approach, whilst being true to my own artistic views.


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