Friends of our business

SALT& strives for sustainable business and life. We can and do not want this alone. Together, small steps can have big results. Meet our friends of the business:

samenwerking bijenstichting

For more than ten years, the Dutch Bee Foundation has been committed to the well-being of our small friends. SALT& de Bijenstichting came up with a collaboration.
The #PlanetFirstapproach beepostcards are now sold by de Bijenstichting.
The proceeds of the sustainable postcards will help to support many other initiatives.
Another thing you didn’t know, SALT& will soon voluntarily provide the marketing communication for the Bee Foundation.
You can order beepostcards for family or friends here
friends of our business Out of the grey

Out of the Grey and SALT& are fighting for a sustainable future.

Together you achieve more than alone. The proves you see in the great sustainability projects we work on (e.g. Huisbaasje & Meetings in the Sun).

Fun to know, Out of the Grey pleads for marketing without social media! Sounds interesting? That’s for certain! Find out more here.

Do you have a good initiative that we don't know about yet?

Send us an email, maybe we will walk together in the near future on the road to a healthy planet!

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