SALT& has a Planet First approach. What?

This means that we think first before we get started. Think about preserving our planet.

How do we do this?


Support the beefoundation - by buying a personal card

We help the bees in the Netherlands

Bees are one of the most important hard workers in the field of nutrition.

To help these special animals we sell beepostcards 💌. These cards are made of biodegradable paper with tasty bee flower seeds.

Write a personal wish and send it to the person you love. Often
cards are discarded over time, but not this one!

Put it in the garden, we happy, bee happy, planet happy. Within no time, a beautiful flower sea is created in the garden or on the balcony. 🌸

Another advantage, 50 cents of each #PlanetFirstapproach bee card  that gets sold goes to the Beefoundation.


biodegradable ink + paper

SALT& only uses biodegradable ink and paper for its own communication and printing📠 for customers. This is as strong as plain paper and better for the environment! Interested in sustainable printing?

SALT& TRavel

Sustainabele & Organic produce

Our SALT & Surf Boardmate bags & Pacifierclips & Keychains are made of sustainable & organic materials & completely biodegradable.

Should you lose our product there is no need The planet got you covered 😉

permaculture projects

muscle power

We invest in permaculture projects 🌱through muscle power💪🏼 & finance planting.

What is Permaculture? Check this link

We helped planting food forest in Schijndel, Netherlands. More information about food forests can be found here (Dutch)

SALT& PlanetFirstApproach

I would like to make a contribution to a greener future

How can I help?

➡️ donate money to the beefoundation or/and buy one of our #PlanetFirstapproach beecards. 50 cents of each #PlanetFirstapproach card that gets sold we donate to the beefoundation

➡️ invest in permaculture initiatives, this can already be done by helping voluntarily on a planting day (Dutch)

➡️ look at how you can enlarge in and around your home. Don’t know where to start, check out these helpful tips (Dutch)

➡️ eat fruit and vegetables locally. If you don’t know what you can get local and when, check out this link (Dutch)

➡️ spread the word by working with others or spreading your enthusiasm on this subject, we are getting closer to a greener planet!

“Many hands make light work”

Do you have a good initiative that we don't know about yet?

Send us an e-mail, maybe we will work together in the near future on the road to a healthy planet!