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do it yourself bee hotel
Planet First Approach

Building a bee hotel

Making a bee hotel for your own garden doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Maybe you think now, no way I want bees in my garden! But think twice. Bees are an essential part of our society. Bees make a major contribution to the atomization. This is a super important part of our agriculture. […]

boardmate all good


SURF Introducing “Boardmate” How do you carry your surfboard? And while cycling? As from today you will find a new item in the webshop: Boardmate. I was born in The Netherlands, a bike loving country. I’m always struggling to get my surfboard to the beach by bike. For girls like me, with no long arms […]

keychain no worries


SURF Keychain “No worries” ‘No worries’ is the solution to never lose your keys again. And the best way to pimp up your favorite bag! ‘No worries’ is completely handmade, from materials the earth gives us. Organic and sustainable produce. 100% organic cotton, jute, FSC-certified wood & sea shells have been used to create this […]