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Wat is een huisstijl

What does a Brand identity consist of?

I can imagine that when you are just starting your company and come into contact with the term brand identity, you probably think I do not need that yet. You are wrong, It’s really important that you start communicating the right way from the beginning. Being consistent in your communication is just what you need. […]

what is indesign?

How does InDesign work?

When you start creating a brochure, magazine or other print, you will need Adobe InDesign. This program makes great designs for prints, but also for online publications. InDesign is an extensive program with many possibilities. Let’s start! What is InDesign? InDesign is a design tool that allows you to create 2D layouts with image and […]

photoshop tips

Photoshop fundamentals

Photoshop, when you’re just a little bit in the creative corner, you know what it is. But it’s an extensive program that you don’t get grip on very easily. That’s why we start with a few fundamentals. Do you want to know all off them? Then check out the Adobe Photoshop course! It all starts […]

graphic design

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity has everything to do with the identity of the company. They are the clear visual expressions that a company presents itself with. By keeping this recognizable style in line with all business expressions, both internally and externally, you create a visible identity. You can therefore describe a brand identity as the visual […]