Wat is een huisstijl

What does a Brand identity consist of?

I can imagine that when you are just starting your company and come into contact with the term brand identity, you probably think I do not need that yet. You are wrong, It’s really important that you start communicating the right way from the beginning. Being consistent in your communication is just what you need. A suitable brand identity is therefore indispensable for your business, but what does it actually consist of?


To start with the colors you use. This forms the basis of every corporate identity, because you adapt the rest of all expressions to these colors. Think carefully about this and seek the help of a professional if you cannot find the right color combination. With a corporate identity you usually do not choose a single color, but a combination of different colors. This makes it easy when you are going to create your website, print business cards or set up your social media channels. By using the same colors every time, you create recognition among your target group.


Everything you write has a certain font. Logical, but this is also something to think about. By consistently using the same typography all your communication becomes a whole. You can then use the predetermined typography for all communication that you use internally and externally.


Speaking of recognition, you probably immediately think of a logo. A logo is also part of the brand identity. Make sure you have a logo designed that appeals to you and your target group and clearly shows what you stand for. This is not so easy, but once you have found the right logo you will feel it and you cannot imagine it ever being any different.

Use of material

A corporate identity goes beyond colors and pictures, the use of materials is also important to determine for your brand identity. For example, you can choose very well for biodegradable paper, so that you immediately reflect the sustainable character of your business with the brand identity. The material you use is very decisive for the feeling that someone gets at your company. This feeling must correspond directly with what you want to radiate.

Icons and infographics

Not everything you propagate is written in text. You can also use infographics and icons to make things even clearer for the reader. These must also be in line with the rest of your brand identity. Use the colors and typography you have determined to make it form a whole. By doing this you can easily combine everything with each other and you do not have to make a different design for each medium. You can also flawlessly incorporate the icons you use for printing into your website.

Picture style

The image that you convey is also part of the brand identity. What kind of photography or illustrations match what you want to convey? When you have a clear picture in mind, it becomes increasingly easier to maintain a line here. You can make choices more easily about what to use and what not to use or have made. For example, do you opt for light photography or a little darker? Choose what matches the rest of the brand identity, so that you never miss the mark.


Maybe a bit of odd, but the language use is also important to determine in advance. Should all texts be written informally or formally? If you do not coordinate this well in advance, it may be that you will use everything together, which is very confusing for the reader. Make sure that how you write always matches the target group you want to address.
A brand identity goes much further than just a logo or a nice business card. If you do not yet have a clear, consistent brand identity, it is important to get started. Get advice from a professional, after a year you don’t want to have the feeling “this is not it”. A brand identity is a sustainable investment, once it is in good condition you will enjoy it for years. No idea where to start? As a graphic designer I like to help you on your way.