remote werken in nederland

Working remote in The Netherlands

As a remote worker, you probably love to travel around the world. Now, at a time like this, during the corona crisis, it’s not always possible. Besides there are also more reasons why you sometimes have to be in the Netherlands, rather than hopping from country to country with your laptop. Now I can tell you, there are plenty of places to work remotely in the Netherlands. Remote working means nothing but working outside the office. This is perfectly possible in the Netherlands. I’ll take you on a tour in the Netherlands.

Foto: Brasserie Loulou – Cadzand

1. Zeeland 

Brasserie Loulou – Cadzand

In Zeeland you want to be close to the beach. Work until you feel like and after that enjoy the sea. At brasserie Loulou you can work indoors in an inspiring environment or under a parasol outside on the terrace.

2. Noord-Brabant 

Coffeelab – Den Bosch 

Opposite Den Bosch Central Station you will find Coffeelab. A lovely place to work and have coffee and lunch. You can choose to sit at one of the large tables, or find a cosy spot at one of the small tables. It is an lovely atmospheric place where you can work quietly, but also meet customers for a business lunch.

Tip: You can find Coffeelab in multiple cities in The Netherlands

Photo: De Brandweerkantine Maastricht

3. Limburg

De Brandweerkantine – Maastricht

During a tour of the Netherlands you cannot skip Maastricht. At the Fire Canteen there is something for everyone. You can retire to the canteen library to work quietly. There is also a fire station which you can rent for meetings, exhibitions, presentations and workshops. Another nice addition, on Wednesday evening you can go here for a night of ping-pong and on Tuesday evening a movie night is organized regularly. So check the agenda too!

4. Overijssel 

Coffee Together – Deventer

Deventer is a lovely city along the water. Coffee together is a pleasant place in the center. Of course, a cup of coffee cannot be missed during your visit, because the coffee is really wonderful here!

5. Gelderland 

Statie – Apeldoorn

Statie offers a lot of possibilities. You can rent meeting rooms, which also look really stylish. And they have plenty flex workspaces available. Every working day from 9.30 to 20.00 and on weekends from 12.00 to 20.00 you are welcome to work. Another advantage, Statie is on the station square. After a day of work, rent a public transport bike and take a look at Paleis Het Loo or relax in the nature at the Berg & Bos Nature Park.

Photo: Working from Hoxton

6. Noord-holland 

The Hoxton – Amsterdam

Well, in North Holland, you will have plenty flex workplaces to choose from. If you want to work somewhere all day, it is nice to choose a place where they specifically mention that you are welcome to work. This is certainly the case with the Hoxton. Here you can choose from several subscriptions, but also go for a day pass. It is a lovely place, including garden, where different entrepreneurs meet. The advantage of a day pass is that you can visit another nice place to work the next day. For example zoku, also recommended!

7. Zuid-Holland 

The Sweet Spot 

This is a real newcomer this year. It is a creative hotspot, with flex workspaces, meeting rooms and good coffee. You can buy a day pass, but also rent a fixed spot. It is a place to work and network, with naturally good coffee. Meet other creative entrepreneurs and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that has been set up in this space.

Photo: The sweet spot

8. Utrecht 

De War – Amersfoort

Here you can work inside and outside in the office garden. The office garden is a beautiful greenhouse, where you are surrounded by greenery and are able to work quietly. Prefer a spot inside? In the office you can rent a flexible workplace for €15,- per day. You can also rent a fixed space, use a meeting room or rent a room for a workshop or lecture.

9. Friesland 

Cafe de Bak – Leeuwarden

Wow, you must visit this courtyard when you are in Leeuwarden. The great thing about this place is that it is also a library. A kind of library, because it is more of a creative place where you can also take courses, find wonderful reading corners, study places and many other activities. And they have a garden! Where you can work outside and they regularly organize parties and activities.

10. Groningen

The Student Hotel – Groningen

This workplace aka hotel should of course be on this list. With the great interior, the possibility to sleep, eat, work and rent entire meeting rooms, this place is a relief for many digital nomads. The great thing is that you will not only find The Student Hotel in Groningen. But also in Delft, The Hague and beyond the Dutch borders in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, among others.

Photo: de Jufferen Lunsigh, Westervelde

11. Drenthe

De Jufferen Lunsingh – Westervelde

During your tour in the Netherlands to discover all the interesting workplaces, unwinding is of course also important. Retreat for a few days in Westervelde, in the Jufferen Lunsingh. Here you can spend the night, rent a private space to hold meetings, but you are also able to work in peace. Choose an overnight package and you don’t have to worry about anything for the entire stay. In the neighborhood you will find beautiful nature, where you can retreat for a while.

12. Flevoland 

My Office – Almere

You can rent a bicycle, meeting rooms, have lunch and find a flex spot. My Office can be found in Almere, but also in Utrecht, Groningen, Zwolle, Enschede and soon in Den Bosch. This location is fully equipped for remote workers. You can rent a permanent place, but you can also take a seat in the brasserie. Want to enjoy the sun after work? In 7 minutes cycling you are with your feet in the sand on the Lumièrestrand.